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Geri goes to Paul's apartment, where she finds out how he made his fake ID.Upon hearing a news report of Nirvana's death on the radio, she realizes that Paul really is the vigilante Ochoa claimed him to be."You cannot call a film exploitative just because it touches on disturbing issues," said Globus."Both Death Wish films are a valid comment on American society...Despite being stabbed repeatedly with a scalpel, Paul finally manages to kill him by electrocuting him.A sympathetic attendant gives Paul three minutes to escape before hitting the alarm.The following night, he hears screams from a couple being assaulted by four muggers, including Jiver, in a parking garage. Paul follows his blood trail to an abandoned warehouse and kills him with their own pistol. When Kersey falls under suspicion, NYPD Detective Frank Ochoa (Vincent Gardenia) is called in to investigate the case. Ochoa intrudes into Geri’s apartment and tells her about Paul's previous vigilante killing spree back in New York.Ochoa fears that Kersey, when caught, will reveal that he was released without charge eight years ago instead of being prosecuted for killing nine muggers (actually ten). After Paul returns back to the apartment, Geri confronts him about Ochoa's revelation, but he denies it.

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They kidnap Carol, take her to their hideout, and begin to rape her.

A sniper spots Kersey and attempts to kill him, but Ochoa warns him and shoots the sniper dead.

Ochoa is mortally wounded by Nirvana, while Paul kills Cutter and wounds Punkcut.

Ochoa follows Kersey to a local square where Kersey spots the three remaining gang members.

He follows them to an abandoned park, where a major arms and drug deal is taking place.

They reportedly announced their plans to do so prior to actually securing the rights to the franchise.