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More so when installed but even when run as a live CD, Geubuntu is much faster than Ubuntu.

It boots faster, applications open quicker, and behind the scene tasks seem to complete more briskly.

The alternative theme is called Moonlight and is comprised of colors of blue and a night sky wallpaper. A purplish-blue Enlightenment logo appears on the large Moon and reflects in the rippling water of the wallpaper every minute or so.

I'd almost prefer this look if all the elements changed, but many buttons and menus retained the golden aspects of Enlightenment's Bling Bling theme.

I tested Geubuntu 7.10 on my trusty HP Pavilion laptop and found a lot of nice things to like.

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Besides the Enlightenment configurations to customize shelves, enable/disable or customize modules, select language, file manager behavior, and customize the appearance, Geubuntu retains lots of the Ubuntu tools upon which many users have come to rely.Is there a way I can download this exact game onto my Ubuntu HD? If not, is there another way of getting a GOOD Tetris game on here?One of the indications of Ubuntu's popularity is the number of derivatives based on Canonical's operating system, available for every taste and purpose.

Last week, two such distributions were added to the Distro Watch database - Mythbuntu, a project delivering Myth TV in an easy-to-setup package, and Geubuntu, an eye-catching distro featuring the latest Enlightenment window manager. Also in this edition: open SUSE kickstarts the development of version 11.0 with the first alpha release, a link to article discussing the importance of "libre" distributions, information about a free online RHCE study guide, and some observations about the new ASUS Eee PC. (by Susan Linton) Introduction Geubuntu 7.10 was released last Thursday and a couple of people asked me to take a look at it.On my desktop, the applets include a battery monitor, CPU speed monitor, temperature gauge, clock, and a volume applet.

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