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01-Jan-2018 05:38

In all that lovebird excitement, you may have unknowingly stumbled into one of the Five C's — unhealthy dating pitfalls common to all couples.

Perhaps their infamous lives of crime could have been avoided if they had taken some time for themselves rather than falling into one of the most classic dating blunders — too much togetherness.

Henry Cloud and John Townsend, authors of Boundaries in Dating.

"Healthy boundaries are the to key to preserving freedom, responsibility, and ultimately love in your dating life.

"We all enter and maintain a relationship with expectations about how we should be treated, what kinds of conversations we will have, and so on. That is, be conscious about what you want from the relationship."As you begin walking hand in hand with that special someone, it's easy to drift off the path you were walking with the Lord.

Little by little, priorities can change as your world starts to revolve around that person and not God.

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Marie and Edwin, both divorced and in their early 50s, have been dating for three years and intentionally put boundaries into practice.Even when the lines are firmly set, we have to decide to follow them; otherwise, what's the point in even having them?